Mission Statement

Duckett Creek Sanitary District will provide the highest quality sanitary sewer service in the most cost efficient manner while protecting and preserving the environment, quality of life, and promoting economic development in St. Charles County.


Employment Opportunity - Customer Service Representative

Entry level customer service position. This requires good communication, customer service and independent problem-solving skills. Computer literacy and excellent interpersonal skills are necessary. Incode system experience would be helpful.

See Pre-Employment application here.

Email resume and application to beilsmith@duckettcreek.com and please include a phone number.

Lateral Insurance Program - HomeServe

To the valued customers of Duckett Creek Sanitary District,

We do our best to keep our sewer mains clear of blockages caused by tree roots and other items.

However, you, the homeowner, are responsible for the exterior sewer line on your property your private lateral that runs from your home to our sewer main.

When a sewage back-up or stoppage occurs in your home as a result of roots, debris, breakage or other issues in your private lateral, it is in everyone’s best interest to have it inspected quickly. The back-up could be isolated to just your home or could be associated with a larger problem, affecting numerous homes in the area.

Therefore, we have reviewed several firms and have selected HomeServe to be our preferred provider of optional Exterior Sewer Service Line Coverage.

Read more about Duckett Creek Sanitary District's roll in the lateral insurance program Lateral Insurance Program Lateral Insurance Program

To learn more about Homeserve or to sign up for insurance click the Homeserve logo below.

Request For Bid

Duckett Creek is seeking bids for oxygen concentrator systems. This is an equipment bid only. Installation is not to be included in the bid price. For those wishing to review the specifications, please use this link. If there are questions regarding this request for bids, please call Rick Higgins at (636) 441-1244.

Employees Getting Involved

Saturday, September 20th, a group of Duckett Creek employees volunteered to work on Habitat for Humanity projects. Habitat for Humanity of St Charles builds or refurbishes homes for members of our community with housing needs. The homes are not free to the recipients. They are required to help build or rehab and are given a mortgage when the home is complete. The money is then used to build or rehab the next project. To learn more visit http://habitatstcharles.org/.

Duckett Creek Sanitary District volunteers worked alongside the future home owners. We worked on yards, driveways, siding framing and so on. In their own words one volunteer from Duckett Creek made this statement. “This was one of the most rewarding efforts I’ve ever been associated with.” As you can see from the pictures, we had a great day. The weather was great and everyone was happy to be involved.

2014 Capital Improvement Program

Duckett Creek Sanitary District wants our customers to know where the bulk of the rate increase is being spent. The 2014 Capital Improvement Projects use some of those funds to accomplish much needed work. The projects planned are outlined on the 2014 CIP Overview Map. Click on the map image below to go to the interactive map page. Please let us know if you have any questions.