Mission Statement

Duckett Creek Sanitary District will provide the highest quality sanitary sewer service in the most cost efficient manner while protecting and preserving the environment, quality of life, and promoting economic development in St. Charles County.


Rate Increase Notification

Dear Customer,
In order to sustain the current level of service and begin a proactive maintenance program of its infrastructure the Duckett Creek Board of Trustees voted to increase the monthly charge to its customers. Your current residential rate of $18.75 ($56.25 per quarter) will increase to $21.75 ($65.25 per quarter) effective March 1, 2014.  For the commercial customers your monthly charge will increase from the current rate of $2.63/1,000 gallon to $3.05/1,000 gallon.  Several factors contributed to the decision to make this necessary rate increase.

With the oversight and direction of its Board of Trustees Duckett Creek has been a responsible manager of the resources you have entrusted to us.  Unfortunately, with the downturn in the economy those resources are beginning to be taxed.  The District has two sources of funds to operate and maintain your system.  The first source is Connections Fees paid one time by the developers at the time of connecting to the system.   With the downturn in the growth within St. Charles County connections fees are no longer a reliable revenue source.  The second revenue source is the User Fees discussed here. 

The Board of Trustee’s is committed to continue operating the system in the most economical way available.  However, over the next five years we expect normal operating expenses to increase approximately 2.5-3.0% per year with revenue increases projected around 1.0-1.02% per year. Further the aging of our system requires we continue to identify and begin a proactive maintenance and repair program to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Duckett Creek Sanitary District will continue to be the most affordable sanitary district in Saint Charles County.  Below is a comparison of the other district in the area:

Monthly Residential

Municipality                                                    Rate
PWSD 2 (St. Charles)                                           $58.84
PWSD 2 (Lake St. Louis)                                        40.57
PWSD 2 (O’Fallon)                                                 35.64
City of Wentzville                                                    35.21
City of Saint Charles                                               30.63
City of O’Fallon                                                       26.41
Duckett Creek Sanitary District (3/1/14)         21.75
City of St. Peters                                                     20.53

An Official Record of the Public Hearing can be found on this web site under "Meetings" in the upper right hand corner of the this page.  All current Financial Statements and Operating Budgets also can be found under the About Us Section.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter.  And we look forward to continuing to provide you with most reliable, affordable sanitary sewer services in the area.

Duckett Creek Sanitary District wants our customers to know where the bulk of the rate increase is being spent. The 2014 Capital Improvement Projects use some of those funds to accomplish much needed work. The projects planned are outlined on the 2014 CIP Overview Map. Click on the map image below to go to the interactive map page. Please let us know if you have any questions.